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January 18, 2006

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The Washington Post recently featured an article about how smoking bans have changed social interaction in particular in the dating scene:

“Sure, we’ll all live longer, but how will this affect the future of flirting?”
“Cigarette etiquette is ancient stuff, stowed in the cultural marrow back when men wore real hats and glam movie stars with impossible cheekbones gave come-hither looks through unfiltered haze”

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I still remember all the times I’ve lit a girl’s cigarette…all four times (!) Each time was amazing but in hindsight the first light-up was literally half a failure – I never documented it at the time but thinking back – I only lit half of her cigarette.

Notice the cigarette is longer at one side The sexy dangle/drag really did it for me though

I think she must have been too embarrassed to ask for another light! It was an amazingly nerve wracking but satisfying experience for me at least! (more pictureshere)

The second time was also opportunistic but was also helpful as woman number 2 was trying to light her cigarette with matches in very windy conditions. It was more of a good dead than anything else as there was no sexual element. It was still thrilling though – I was helping a woman fulfill her cravings for a cigarette!

My third light up was just under a year ago (how fast as a year come around?!) and was a thoroughly good experience for everyone involved. The girl (who I later saw around the university campus) looked amazing as she dangled an unlit cigarette and I almost ran up to her before casually sitting down next to her and asking if she needed a light. She replied in the sweetest voice and the drag after the light-up was mind-blowing! She also talk exhaled a thank you which was very gladly received :) Come to think of it last January was a good month!

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Pete April 27, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Your first light-up candidate is exceptionally beautiful, and wonderfully dressed. I particularly like the pale blue scarf-like garment on top of the dark blue top. Most beautiful of all is the cork-filter cigarette protruding from her lips, as she cheek-hollowingly extracts precious smoke from it. This woman is defined partly by her being a smoker and that’s very sexy.

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