My non-smoking girlfriend began smoking this year.

It’s been an amazing ride so far, but I’m not writing about it too publicly.

If you want to follow along with the story of how I got my girlfriend to start smoking, you need to become a Flamingo Friend.



Have you ever sat next to a girl and she just made your day by lighting up a cigarette?

I was lucky enough to sit next to this girl as she lit up outside a train station, on the steps on a sunny winter’s day.


And I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when she left and was quickly replaced by another girl doing the exact same thing in the same spot!


I’ve been taking pictures of smoking women using my mobile phone camera for 9 years now.

But technology has now come of age that means taking VIDEO of smoking women is now easier than ever. I’ve started uploading some of my recent videos to Youtube.

Be sure to click the ‘cog’ icon at the bottom of the video screen after pressing play to view the video in it’s highest quality

Tell me what you think!

Almost Holiday Time

July 2, 2012

in Treats

It’s almost time for my holiday in the Med…


More blogging to come soon!

Once, I got to sit in a car with a girl as she smoked a cigarette.

It was several years ago now, in 2007.

There was a girl I worked with who I’d known since 2004. She was only a very occasional smoker back then. She once bought a pack of 10 cigarettes on a break and I asked her if she smoked much. She said she only smoked occasionally and she hadn’t smoked a cigarette in about a week. She lit up and then said:

“I’m not addicted but I do enjoy smoking”.

We next saw each other the following summer and she still claimed to not be addicted to smoking, despite now smoking on every break she had.

By 2006 she finally confessed to me she was addicted and couldn’t quit. She had smoked too many occasional cigarettes and addiction had well and truly set in. She would go on smoke breaks even if it was pouring down with rain.

She needed to smoke.

And I wanted to join her, despite being a non-smoker.

Finally my chance came when she asked me if I wanted to join her on a break.

I agreed in a heartbeat and we headed outside. It was raining so she invited me to sit in her car with her.  As soon as she was in the car she lit up a cigarette. She said she was surprised that I didn’t mind her smoke.

I told her I didn’t mind at all, although I didn’t admit how much I was really enjoying seeing her smoke.

I even got some cheeky shots with my camera phone, never before shared.

I remember this like it was yesterday.

It’s been a while since we last saw each other and we moved away from one another. However, I’ve seen through Facebook that she is still smoking.

 I’m looking forward to the day when I can experience a smoky car with a girl I can call my own as she smokes a much needed cigarette.

I wouldn’t care about the destination.

It’s the journey that would rock my world.


Postscript: I heard very recently that this girl has just quit smoking a few weeks ago…time will tell how long she keeps it up.

Back when I was in school, I could tell which girls were smokers.

They were the ones in the denim jackets.

It’s true. I can’t think of a single girl I’ve seen wearing a denim jacket, that is a confirmed non-smoker.


In fact it’s become a little running joke in my mind…every time I see a girl wearing a denim jacket I smile and wonder if she’s a smoker. It’s a rule, after-all.


Due to a hard-drive crash I don’t have all my candids from the early days (2004 onwards) but I do have some and looking through them I didn’t have to filter through many of them to find LOTS of denim jacket smokers.

All these pictures are my original candids taken in 2004-6

More candids here

I was recently at a Jubilee party and got talking to a girl. Like any smoking fetishist I wondered if she smoked. She was wearing a denim jacket so I thought the odds were good.  After talking a while I found out she had actually quit smoking only 2 weeks ago!  But  was in luck as the only regular smoker at the party insisted that she smoke a cigarette, and her resolve crumbled.

She even smoked that cigarette whilst sitting on my lap!!

I’m having a good summer!

Whilst you’re here I may as well share some other denim jacket smokers…I didn’t take these pictures but they really turn me on. What do you think?

OK, so this one isn’t exactly a jacket, but I don’t think you mind?!

So there’s something in this theory, right? Do you find most denim jacket wearers to be smokers?

Let me know in the comments!

I first started taking pictures of smoking girls on the streets when I was 17 years old.

I wanted to capture the beauty of the sightings for years to come as sightings can be so fleeting.

I’m sure most of my friends were interested in watching porn at 17 years old but for me, my ‘porn’ was in plain sight…pretty girls smoking cigarettes turned me on more than anything else in the world.


Early Attempts

I first tried with a disposable camera…but that didn’t work too well…it would make a loud click which wasn’t subtle, and then I had to take it to a shop to get the pictures developed! I was so embarrassed when I went to collect the pictures! Thankfully, the shots were so blurry and poor quality so maybe my fetish was hidden from the photoshop employees who were developing my pictures.

Phone Photography

I then got a mobile phone with a camera and started doing a little better. When I didn’t have afternoon lessons at school I would head into town and snap the beauties at the train station.

This girl was smoking in the station when it was allowed, in 2004. I loved how much she was dragging on her cigarette. I was sitting next to her at the time, letting the smoke drift over me.

In 2004 it seemed to be that every girl who wore a denim jacket, was also a was a rule I used to great effect and it made me smile every time I saw a denim jacket-wearing girl light up


Later on that summer I bought by first proper digital camera and could finally take candids and view them on my computer.

I had a lot of fun capturing these two business women having a cigarette in the station:



University Calls

After that summer I went to university and continued with the candid taking. Here’s a couple from my first day of university, taken with my phone as I sat with a group of smoking girls!

To the present day

I have continued taking candids every year since, and have got better and more bold with time…and the cameras I have used have become better as well.

Most recently I’ve been using my updated phone to capture smoking beauties in higher quality than ever before…my phone now takes better pictures than my first proper digital camera! But there’s something nostalgic about the ‘retro’ feel of my candids of old.

In this spirit I’ve been enjoying using Instagram, a mobile app, to give the modern day pictures an old-school artistic effect.

Here’s some of the candids I’ve managed to take in the last month or so, with added Instagram filter.




Which girl is your favourite? Leave a comment!


Once a smoker…

March 28, 2012

in Sightings

1. A sighting from the start of the month

A well-kept woman in her 50s was holding up the queue in the newsagents. I had gone in to buy some chocolate on my lunch-hour and was running short of time.

“Anything else?” the checkout girl asked the woman.
“Ooh. I….don’t know!” said the woman, moving her weight from one foot to the other.
Sighing, she decided:
“Go on, one pack of Sterling”
Sterling King Size Cigarettes (20)
I was now standing next to her, waiting to pay for my chocolate, and I instantly smiled.
Seeing my reaction she turned to me:
“I just need a cigarette”, she explained, breathlessly.
“And why not?”
The checkout girl reassured her as she handed over the cigarettes from behind the counter.
I simply smiled at this older woman and we had momentary eye contact before she put the pack safely in her bag.
I had just witnessed something so sexy.
The very moment this seasoned smoker had  succumbed  to nicotine addiction once again. That little slip-up that she must have done thousands of times….the moment she decided against her better judgement to buy more cigarettes.
Such a thrill.
I finished paying for my chocolate and headed towards the door. She was still standing near the exit so I held the door open for her.
“Such a gentleman”
She commented in a husky voice, the result of tens of thousands of cigarettes over the years.
Again, all I did was smile….a cat had got my tongue….quite apt because after witnessing what had just happened I felt like the cat that had got the cream!

2. Another story from this month

I went to get a sandwich and there was a girl behind me in the queue in the nearby supermarket. However she wasn’t holding anything to purchase.
I could TELL she must have made a special trip to buy cigarettes. HAHA!
I slowed my walking pace down after I had been served and watched her buy 10 Lambert and Butlers….(my favourite brand to see a girl smoke).
I then waited for a few seconds outside and when she came out into the sunshine of this beautiful early March day I walked adjacent to her as she unwrapped her purchase outside. She lit up straight away….and it was glorious.

Hungry hungry dragging.

 I should have thought of an excuse to say something to her but never mind…
It was such a nice lunchtime sighting in the middle of what is a very stressful day in the office….in fact if I smoked, I would definitely be needing a cigarette right now….but I don’t smoke…I simply just love watching girls smoke…good to know I’m in good company with my Flamingo friends :)

Any sightings yourself?

Smoking Fantasy

March 27, 2012

in Contemplation

One of my Flamingo Friends, ECD, sent me a fantasy of his. I enjoyed reading it and thought I would share.

Here would be the scenario of everything I like in a smoking woman:

She is young, with coppery red curls and does not look at all like a smoker. She sits down beside me on a bench outside some mall, that is marked no smoking. She lights up an all-white without asking me if I mind that she smokes. Every puff blows right in my face , thick and rich and spicy, thanks to her position and the angle of the gentle breeze and she knows it but doesn’t really care. If it bothers me, I could get up and leave, right?

That was the last cigarette in her pack, so she simply drops the pack on the ground, followed by the cigarette as she finishes it, after which she opens a fresh pack, letting the breeze catch the strip of cellophane. She’s got a Starbucks cup of coffee with her, too, which she casually leaves behind on the ground when she finally leaves. Although her makeup is light and girl-next-door, her lipstick is heavy enough to leave a clear impression on the snow-white filter tips of both her cigarettes.

She doesn’t bother to crush out her cigarettes, just drops them. What she does crush, purposefully but casually, is a small trail of ants that wended its way past the bench.

When she gets up to leave, I admire the perfect shifting curves of her perfect bottom in her tight white skirt as she saunters away. I also notice that I am actually speckled with ashes — she cared so little about my presence that she simply ashed her cigarette in the air near me as she raised it to her lips, ensuring that most of them drifted onto me.

Do you have a particular smoking fantasy?

I would love for you to leave them in the comments for us all to review! :)


I had never dated until 2008. Throughout university I felt awkward and didn’t really receive much female attention…and certainly no attention from the sexy smoking girls.

Since 2008 I’ve had one date a year…all with smokers but none getting passed the initial meet-up, until last year when the date turned into a relationship that lasted 4 months.

It was the best 4 months ever, and I learnt A LOT. And yes, she was a smoker and she even lit up in my bed.


Last week I went on my first date since the breakup.

Another smoker, of course.

It was fun but I’m not sure if I want to take things any further.

I’ve been writing about the experience with my Flamingo Friends, the private email list for this blog, where I share more intimate stories and thoughts.

I’ve not yet released the second part of the dating account so if you sign up now you’ll get all the sexy smoking details in the next day or so:



I was due to go on another date tonight, this time with a different girl – I was hugely looking forward to meeting up with her but this morning she cancelled on me. I’m hoping it’s just nerves and she’ll change her mind shortly but it has put a bit of a downer on the day….the perception that I get to date sexy smokers is a fun one, but the reality of dating can be hard on the ol’ emotions.


But, now more than ever, its important that I embrace it and I act on my desires and make my fantasies real.


That said, a bit of fantasy is fun… for example, here’s my perfect woman (whose pictire I found on facebook this morning):